Sunday, August 1, 2010


Day 4 - From mid-morning until late afternoon we spent the day up at the pool. We all had a lovely day and Quentin enjoyed a poolside nap. We are getting better with the jet-lag but it is still an effort particularly for little Quentin and also for me. Martin reminded me that while we are here I'm meant to feel like I'm on a very long vacation. Being at the pool and having a really relaxed day was a good reminder and it was great to have some relaxed family time after we were so busy getting ready for our move. Due to shadows from taller parts of the building the pool is entirely in the shade from a little after 2:00 so we also did not have to be too worried about sun exposure during the day.

Theo is a brilliant swimmer and grows in confidence each time he is in the water. The previous two days I had Quentin on one shoulder and then would catch Theo as he swam to me. Today was lovely as Martin and I each took turns for one parent to one child in the pool. Quentin seems very happy to be in the water - though sometimes his huge toothless grins make him more likely to catch some water. The boys have matching suits that Theo loves wearing (so much so that he told Martin he wants him to get the same one too!). They also sit on the side and kick their legs - little Quentin kicks too once Theo starts. It is very sweet to see them together.

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