Saturday, August 7, 2010

American cuisine

Day 9 - Thursday August 5th. Today we met Martin at mid-day at the IFC complex where he works so that we could all go to the American Club membership interview at their Town Club. When we arrived with the children we were ushered quickly into a private dining room as (we didn't know previously) children were not allowed on the floor. We had a pleasant meeting with the interviewer. Yes, we passed muster and now have temporary membership as weekday members at the 'country' (south side of island) club.

Here it is worth commenting that everybody that I do actually speak with beyond appreciating Quentin's smile asks me with intense anxiety in their voices "where is your son going to school". And I mean everybody. From the interviewer to the random woman I spoke to at the ice-skating rink to the mothers of the boys that Theo played with on Tuesday evening. (Ok so actually not too many people but anyone that has actually had a conversation with me.) Amongst women this seems to be a favorite topic that I imagine both feeds into their own anxiety and seeks to convey how competitive it is to get into Hong Kong schools. Due to his birthdate, like in the UK, Theo is not eligible for conventional school (e.g. reception or kindergarten) and is still in his nursery year. I'll write more about schools (I'm sure) but have decided not to let it became a source of intense anxiety like everybody else seems to do. My attitude seems to be incomprehensible to people so far and I'm sure further ratchets up their own anxiety.

After the interview we had a lovely lunch - it was amazing to have American food. I had proper New England clam chowder (which one cannot really find in the UK) and an also delicious tuna melt on sourdough. It will be great to be able to have American food from time to time.

Knowing that Theo has been missing playing with other children earlier in the day I had called the American Club about their children's summer activities. With my freshly printed membership card I was able to enroll Theo in next week's 'Stars' summer camp from 9:30 - 12:30 at the Tai Tam club location. I figure that this will be both fun for him, get me across to the other side of the island and help to finally kick the lingering jet-lag that makes me feel so tired until about mid-day.

We were again back at the pool in the afternoon for a swim. Quentin had fallen asleep before we went to the pool and Theo suggested going to the pool right away so that he and I could swim alone together while Quentin slept. We had a lovely time and then when Quentin woke up he joined us too and we returned to me holding a child in each arm as we swam. Both Theo and Quentin love being in the water.

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