Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things that children like to eat in Hong Kong

Hi there - I know, back so soon? I had to write as today we had dumplings for lunch. Theo is a huge fan of dumplings, but he is very particular about his preferences. His undisputed favorite is xiao long bao which are special as they have soup broth inside.

To eat them you gently lift them from the top with your chopsticks and put them in your Chinese soup spoon. Carefully poke a small hole with your chopstick in the side and let some of the broth drain into the spoon. You then eat the broth and dumpling together on the spoon - delicious!

I have long known that Theo is a dumpling gourmet. What surprised me today was Quentin. I ordered a side dish of shredded seaweed and tofu served cold with red chili oil. Quentin tried a taste and simply loved it. Between us we had three - yes three! - plates of red chili tofu and seaweed. By that point my mouth felt a little bit numb but little Quentin, who I would add ate far more than me of the dishes - was still asking for more please!

As we ate Quentin kept asking for 'more please' interspersed with vehement shouts of 'no, Mommy, no' whenever I tried to sneak in a bite (as he didn't want to have to share it with me). I would dole out bites to his wide open mouth and like a baby bird (think raptor rather than songbird) he would close his mouth and then slurp in the rest of the green seaweed and brown tofu reminiscent of a bird slurping in the rest of the worms left dangling from his mouth after the initial bite. Neptune would be proud to see the amount of sea plants consumed by Quentin this lunch time!

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  1. Yea! I am glad to hear that you are finally adjusted and happy. Most people don't prefer to move more than once every ten years let along 5 times in one year! No wonder you haven't found to write...add moving to taking care of 2 kids in a foreign country! I'm pretty sure Joey would find nothing that he likes he doesn't eat traditional veggies let alone sea plants. Jillian would like to try the variety of dumplings. She is getting bored of the same kind at Imperial Wok (remember that place?) It's good your kids'palates are still impressionable, even if they aren't the best sharers of their plates! Take Care....I will look forward to hearing about your life via blog! :)