Wednesday, July 28, 2010

QT arrive to Hong Kong

We have arrived in Hong Kong! This blog tells the story of two little boys and their family in Hong Kong in 2010: Quentin (19 weeks old) and Theo (3 and 3/4 years old).

We have travelled here from London, UK for Martin's job. Over the past few weeks have been busy getting organized for our move and it is thrilling to finally arrive in Hong Kong. We had a direct flight from London on British Airways - we thankfully flew business class and it was great. We had three adjacent seats - two of which were in a joined pod and the third facing the opposite direction but we were able to see each other with the divider down. It was a perfect seat configuration with young kids as Theo and Martin sat next to each other and I held little Q who could share big smiles with his Dad and brother. Perhaps the best feature was a bassinet at the foot of the double pod. I was at first concerned that it would be too small for bonny Quentin but perhaps the snug space was just the trick. Quentin fell asleep about 2 hours into the flight and proceeded to sleep for - check this - 9 and 1/2 hours!!! A record for a baby who normally sleeps in 4 hour segments. So, on the flight I think I slept in a longer uninterrupted stretch than I have enjoyed in months and also the lie flat seats on BA were really comfortable. Needless to say, the flight went really quickly.

Arriving in the rainy season we were greeted by heavy rain on our approach to Hong Kong. The airport itself it really modern, busy and pleasant. It is always a bit disorienting arriving in a new place after a long flight. The oddest thing that made me laugh was as we made the trek from the gate to immigration there was a gauntlet of Dept of Health workers wearing white masks. One ran up to the buggy, held out a thermometer and scanned Q's temperature (he passed). No similar approach was made towards Theo which I thought was a bit odd as I think that older children would be just as if not more likely to be harboring a temperature.

People are all really friendly towards the children, particularly baby Quentin. Quentin is a very smiley baby and was delighted at all the attention from people through the airport. Having people be so friendly is not only handy for entertaining the children but also sets a really nice tone that just makes it pleasant to be here.

We are staying in Kowloon at the ICC megalopolis complex (more about this later...). The drive from the airport to Kowloon was somewhat surreal - it was pouring, and I mean pouring, rain. The mist was rising from the water and covering the mountains. There were many picturesque islands amid the mist. The amount of skyscraper apartment blocks in these outer areas was both surprising and impressive.

Must run now - I'll write more soon as there is so much to say.

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